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St James' Church, Haslingden
St John's Church, Bacup
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Providence Particular Baptist
Providence Particular Baptist
Tong Lane, Bacup

In the early 1830's a group of worshipers split from Ebenezer Baptist chapel because of the kind of preaching that was being given to them, mainly from college students, and joined Hope Chapel at Rochdale. After a while the distance involved and the often inclement weather became an hindrance to them so they hired a room in King Street. In 1846 it was decided to church of their own The first site that was looked at was at Bankside (now the site of St Mary's R.C. church) but the landlord refuse to allow the land to be used for a dissenting church. Other sites at Underbank, Holmes Estate, and Rochdale Road where looked at but these fell through as well.

In 1848 land was finally found on Tong Lane and the chapel held its first service on Christmas Day 1851. The first pastor was Mr Tant from 1852 to 1854 and then there was no permanent pastor for 34 years until Thomas Stansfield came in 1888. The church held its last service in January 1956 and the building is now semi derelict.

Providence Particular Baptist Church
Providence Particular Baptist Church - date unknown
Photogragh courtesy of Bacup Natural History Society