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St John's Church, Bacup
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Thorn Methodist Church
Thorn Wesleyan Methodist
Alma Street, Bacup

Thorn Church, though formally opened on 5th May 1872, had it's origins some twenty years earlier at premises in Union Street. Theses premises were officially known as "Union Street School", but it was better known locally as the "Chapel for the destitute" or "Bacup Ragged School" and was conducted under the auspices of Mount Pleasant Wesleyan Methodist church.

By 1854 there were 103 scholars on the books with an average attendance of 68. By 1855 there was 136 scholars and it was in that year as well as 1858 and 1865 that the committee at Mount Pleasant were asked to consider the crowded state of the school. In August 1867 ten of the teachers resigned and the following month six more resigned including the Superintendent. This brought about a concentration of activity towards the erection of the premises at Thorn.

At a public meeting on the 4th April 1870 things started move and £1,329 was pledged towards the new building. The building committee was formed in March 1871 and by April 1872 the Thorn School - Chapel was completed. The total cost was £2,476 of which over £2,000 had been raised, leaving a debt of £395 which had been cleared by 1874. The seating accommodation provided was 137 seats for scholars, 38 free seats and 320 for seat holders, giving a total of 395. In 1884-5 a gallery was erected increasing the capacity to 523.

Ministers of Thorn Wesleyan Methodist Chapel

1874 - 1876Rev. William Perkins
1877 - 1878Rev. Sampson Weaver
1880 - 1882Rev. John Denholm Brash
1883 - 1885Rev. David Solomon
1886 - 1888Thomas Hargreaves
1889 - 1891Rev. John Naylor
1892 - 1894Rev. Joseph Whitehead
1895 - 1897Rev. Walter F. Mayer
1898 - 1900Rev. G. W. Kettlebrough
1901 - 1903Rev. E. H. Maggs
1904 - 1905Rev. Sydney R. Rees
1906 - 1908Rev. E. A. Pringe
1909 - 1911Rev. J. G. Penman
1912 - 1914Rev. Benjamin Barker
1915 - 1918Rev. W. T. Kilbride
1919 -Rev. Robert Mettam