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Zion Baptist Church
Zion Baptist Church
Market Street, Bacup

In 1854 several of the Deacons and members of Irwell Terrace Baptist left to form Zion Baptist church with the early services taking place in the Mechanics Hall. The Rev. John Hall who was already the minister of Waterbarn became the first minister.

A site was bought on Market Street and work commenced on a new church and chapel. The building was opened on 2nd April 1858 and the minister was Rev. Richard Stanion who stayed for just one year. In 1861 the Rev. H Hall started his ministry which was to last the same duration as the American Civil War. Much poverty, hardship and near starvation were caused by the cotton famine and Rev. Hall had to resign through ill health.

In 1870 under the ministry of Rev. David Davis the Sunday School had developed so much that a branch chapel and school were built at Acre Mill and opened in October 1871. By 1889 Acre Mill had become strong enough to become a separate church.

When the Rev. E A Tydeman came in 1882 there was already a feeling that the Sunday School was inadequate and plans were drawn up for a new building. By the time the Rev. E Milnes came in 1900 though nothing had been built the desire was still strong and by the time Rev Milnes left in 1908 all the properties on the site adjoining the church had been purchased.

Like other Baptist church in the area the period the two World Wars was difficult and the church was often without a minister.

1945 saw the amalgamation of Zion with Irwell Terrace to form the Union Baptist Church.

Ministers of Zion Baptist Church

Rev. J. Howe 1855 - 1857
Rev. R. Stanion 1857 - 1859
Rev. H. Hall 1861 - 1865
Rev. D. Davis 1868 - 1873
Rev. C. W. Gregory 1875 - 1879
Rev. J. Horn 1879 - 1881
Rev. D. C. Chapman 1879 - 1882
Rev. E. A. Tydeman 1882 - 1890
Rev. S. J. Baker 1892 - 1895
Rev. A. Fawcett 1896 - 1898
Rev. E. Milnes 1900 - 1908
Rev. D. N. Kentfield 1909 - 1917
Rev. J. Richards 1918 - 1925
Rev. W. J. McBride 1928 - 1930
Rev. A. Windsor 1932 - 1936