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St James' Church, Haslingden
St John's Church, Bacup
St Mary's, Church Rawtenstall
Mount Zion Baptist Church, Edgeside
Mount Zion Baptist Church
Edgeside Lane, Waterfoot

It was in 1848 when William Proctor of Burnley and Isaac Stocks of Shore came to live in Waterfoot. They were the fore runners of a small band of people known as "General Baptists" and they set up a meeting place in a cottage in Miller Barn Lane. This new church did not last long after the Stocks family departed for Bacup, and the room had to be given up. Those that where left behind carried on meeting in a blacksmiths shop at Hollin Bank, Scoutbottom. Though they could not afford the rent for the room they were assisted by the Rev James Maden of Gambleside who as well as guaranteeing the rent of three shillings a week, also provided a preacher for many months. With this aid the church began to grow and in 1853 it was able to declare its independence.

Eventually a new meeting place was found at the top of Ashworth Lane and though the congregation was slowly building up it was a constant struggle. By the early eighteen sixties the membership had risen sufficiently to warrant a purpose built church and the foundation stone was laid on Whit Saturday the 21st May 1864 at a site on Edgeside Lane. The new church, which cost £1,100 to build and a further £220 to equip, held its first service on 26th March 1865. In 1947 when most church were finding their congregations dwindling Edgeside Baptist’s were in the enviable position of having to build an extension to the church which opened on 30th November.

By the late nineteen seventies the church was suffering from dry rot and high running costs and it was decided to demolish the old church and build the present church in its place. The first service in the new church was held on Easter Sunday 1983 and a dedication service was held on Sunday 17th July.

Edgeside Baptist church
The old Edgeside Baptist church and church hall

1853 - 1953

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