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St James' Church, Haslingden
St John's Church, Bacup
St Mary's, Church Rawtenstall

St Anne's Edgeside Church, Waterfoot

Roll of Honour

St Annes Edgeside

For King and Country
The Roll of Honour of
St Anne's Church
Being The Names Of Those Parishioners
Who Gave Their Services To Their King
& Country In The European War 1914 -

ASHWORTHFredPrivateGrenadier Guards
BRADLEYJohnGunnerRoyal Garrison Artillery
BRATTJohn H.Private1st Battalion East Lancashire Regiment
BARNESBenPrivate3rd Gordon Highlanders
CASTLEGeorgeGunnerRoyal Garrison Artillery
CASTLEHarryPrivateArmy Service Corps
CROISDALEW.GunnerRoyal Garrison Artillery
CLARKSONJohnFarrier CorporalArmy Service Corps
CRISPFredPrivate3rd Battalion East Lancashire Regiment
CUNLIFFEAshworthPrivateEast Lancashire Regiment
ENTWISTLEJ. W.GunnerRoyal Garrison Artillery
FOXGeorgeGunnerRoyal Garrison Artillery
FOULDSClarencePrivateRoyal Army Medical Corps
FOXHerbertPrivateRoyal Army Medical Corps
GASKELLTho'sPrivateSick Berth Reserve
GRAYFredGunnerRoyal Garrison Artillery
GRAYWm. King's O. R. Lancashire Regiment
GRAYJames Army Service Corps
GREENWOODBertDriverArmy Service Corps
GRIMSHAWWm.GunnerRoyal Garrison Artillery
HALLHarryPrivate1st Battalion East Lancashire Regiment
HALLRalphPrivateScottish Horse
HASSALLHarryPrivateKing's O. R. Lancashire Regiment
HITCHJohn S.PrivateSick Berth Reserve
HITCHENJas. Ht.PrivateRoyal Army Medical Corps
HITCHENRobertPrivate10th Battalion Worcester Regiment
HITCHENHarryPrivate10th Battalion Worcester Regiment
HITCHENJamesPrivateEast Lancashire Regiment
HOLTRichardPrivate10th Battalion Worcester Regiment
HOWORTHErnestPrivateEast Lancashire Regiment
HOYLEJamesPrivateEast Lancashire Regiment
KINGWalterLance Corporal1st Battalion East Lancashire Regiment
KINGGeorge W.Private1st Battalion East Lancashire Regiment
LANGSTAFFET. E. 8th Battalion East Lancashire Regiment
LEESJohn E. St. John's Ambulance Brigade
LORDAlbertGunnerRoyal Field Artillery
LORDEdmundPrivateLancashire Fusiliers
MAWErnest H.SignallerRoyal Field Artillery
MITCHELLJno. W.PrivateKing's O. R. Lancashire Regiment
NAYLORArnoldPrivateEast Lancashire Regiment
NOUGHTONJohnPrivate7th Battalion East Lancashire Regiment
NUTTALLRobert S.PrivateRoyal Army Medical Corps
PARKERRubenPrivateKing's Liverpool Regiment
PARKINSONHaroldPrivate5th Battalion Worcester Regiment
PEILLRubenDriverArmy Service Corps
PICKUPArthurPrivateLancashire Fusiliers
PILLINGTho's A.PrivateRoyal Army Medical Corps
PILLINGEdmundSergeantArmy Service Corps
RICHMONDFrankPrivateKing's O. R. Lancashire Regiment
ROSTRONAlbertPrivateKing's O. R. Lancashire Regiment
SANDERSONHarryGunnerRoyal Garrison Artillery
SANDERSONJas. Wm.GunnerRoyal Garrison Artillery
SEALEverett H.Private8th Battalion East Lancashire Regiment
SCHOFIELDAlbanyPrivate8th Battalion East Lancashire Regiment
SHACKLETONRichardPrivate8th Battalion East Lancashire Regiment
SHACKLETONHarryDriverArmy Service Corps
STANSFIELDHy. P.PrivateRoyal Army Medical Corps
STANSFIELDFred R.PrivateKing's O. Scottish Borderers
STEVENSONJ. T.Private3rd Battalion East Lancashire Regiment
TAYLORJohn W.PrivateKing's O. R. Lancashire Regiment
TAYLORWilfred L.PrivateRoyal Horse Artillery
TAYLORHubertPrivateLiverpool Scottish
TAYLORWm. Hy.GunnerRoyal Field Artillery
TAYLORHerbertPrivateEast Lancashire Regiment
TEASDALEJosephLance CorporalKing's Royal Rifles
TEASDALEJohnCorporalKing's Royal Rifles
TATTERSALLEdward Army Veterinary Corp
TATTERSALLJordan Army Veterinary Corp
WADSWORTHHarryGunnerRoyal Garrison Artillery
WHITTAKERRobert Royal Garrison Artillery